Our prices are simple and the lowest you'll find anywhere. We don't charge by the hour or charge outrageous prices per Webpage.

The only thing you really need to know is how much content in a Webpage. Usually what you can fit into a regular 8 1/2 x 11 1/2 sheet paper consists of a Webpage. Each Webpage can contain any or all of the following:
  Custom Graphic Design

  The prices below will give you an approximate idea of what your website will cost,
these are for reference ONLY
Once we have a chance to discuss the details, then we can give you a more exact estimate

             Price List - Website Design

Each Webpage (10 or more) $35.00
Each Webpage (less than 10) $40.00
One Webpage website $75.00
Full shopping cart W/ 20 items ($10.00 Additional items) $500.00
Server Setup Fees $30.00
Hit Counter $15.00
Guest Book, Message board, Mailing lists, Polls $100.00
Intro Flash Presentation  30 Sec. or less $50.00
Custom Flash or Java $35.00
Domain Names $15.00/year

             Price List - Website Hosting

Website with 50 Webpages or more $500.00/year
Website with 10 - 50 Webpages or Shopping cart $350.00/year
Website with less than10 Webpages $200.00/year
Website with One Webpage $100.00/year
Your personal Domain Name. $15.00/year
     All Website Hosting will get the following:  
  Site Maintenance/updates anytime
*unlimited Email accounts
  Customer support via email and/or phone
*Meta Tags for each web page (Keywords for search engines)

        *Does not apply to one Webpage Website
         2Only one Email account for one Webpage Website



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