Dacosta Designs was established in 1996. It all started by making a few personal Websites, then people started noticing the great work and one thing lead to another. 

 At first it was just a hobby I enjoyed on my spare time from the military, as an active duty Air Force member. Being in the military as taken me to various locations all over the United States and the world, which has given me the opportunity to start various websites with local business. But the beauty of being a webdesigner, is the flexibility to work with customers all over the world and really never have the luxury of meeting them face to face. Currently we’re located in Panama City FL – as you can see from all the images used on the site, which inspired the beach and ocean feel. I have retired from the Air Force and now I can dedicate my full time to web design while living in paradise 🙂

    Back in 2000 we acquired our own server and now we can offer both Web Design and Web Hosting, where as before we were only able to offer the Web Design. Although Dacosta Designs has worked and will work with any other Web Hosting companies to post and publish your Websites if necessary. Take a look around our place to learn more about us.

Sunset on Shell Island